KCA Magazine Insights Article, Spring 2023

With the NFL Draft upon us, I thought it was an appropriate time to share my attempt to answer the important question that Pennsylvanians ponder: Can a Pittsburgh sports fan like and respect a Philadelphia athlete? Below is the response. This article appears in the Spring 2023 edition of the Keystone Contractor Magazine, to view the entire issue please visit: https://issuu.com/atlasmarketing/docs/the_keystone_magazine_spring_2023_final_issuu_0420?utm_medium=email&utm_source=sharpspring&sslid=MzcxtzQwMjE1MbcwAwA&sseid=MzI1MTUzNzOyNAAA&jobid=8e832794-eea0-4ecd-80ef-31f10ccb9ec3

Insights from the Executive Director

In my life, no two days are the same. I might find myself walking a jobsite talking to the superintendent one day and maybe the next day I’m meeting with a senator to promote workforce recruitment initiatives, then following that I might be speaking to high school seniors about careers in construction. But the one constant, regardless of whom I’m with, it seems like we always spend some time talking about sports. Full disclosure, I’m a sports junkie.  

I see a lot of similarities in business and in sports: strategizing to chase success; overcoming challenges; working as a team. And I think in both sports and business, one can apply lessons learned from one to the other.

In this year’s Super Bowl, there are a few examples that can be applied to construction. The Philadelphia Eagles had one heck of a season and came up a little short in the end. But what can learn from them? One major takeaway for me is that they have a strong leader. Jalen Hurts is one impressive individual. And yes, a Pittsburgh Steelers fan can be impressed by a Philadelphia athlete.

Through Jalen Hurts’ actions and words, he showed how to be accountable for your actions and he placed an emphasis on having a strong culture. He played a lights out, awesome game, with the exception of one play (I won’t rub salt in Eagle fans wounds and discuss the play – you know the play I’m referring to). His response after the game:

“I always hold myself to a very high standard in everything I do. Obviously, I try to control things I can. I touch the ball on every play. I want to protect it. It hurt us. You never know what play it will be. I don’t do this to be loved. I don’t do this to be hated. I don’t do this to seek anybody else’s approval. I do it for all the guys in the locker room. I do it for all the time we invested in this.”

Jalen Hurts demonstrated how a person who is accountable for his actions speaks. This football star realizes and embraces the benefits of a strong culture.  

Author: buildingpa

I am the proud father of three amazing daughters and I'm married to an awesome lady. When I'm not hanging with the family, I'm the executive director for the Keystone Contractors Association.

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